Yet another long day and even longer drive. I wish that there was really more to write about but, we pretty well got up and drove the entire day away. The goal is to get to Sudbury by tomorrow evening and that means that we have eighteen hours ahead of us of straight highway. We didn’t even reach our predicted destination last night having taken it a little easier for the vehicles sake and available accommodations. We scrambled last minute to find a nice place stay at about eight in the evening and stumbled upon a nice little town called, Steinbach. The inn we stayed at was very affordable and exceedingly luxurious. Finally, with the opportunity to sit and relax, we threw on some television, wrote in our journals and got ready for bed. The inn provided coupons for a nice breakfast in the morning and with full stomachs, we loaded the car and left Steinbach only to drive for another ten hours or so simply making stops for gas and stretching. Tomorrow, we will be performing at The Townehouse in Sudbury and, at last, reaching our east coast destinations. We definitely can not wait for the shorter drives between cities.