Eleven and a half – the number of hours we spent today driving. I’m not exactly sure how we ended up extending the trip by two hours but, we sure took the opportunity to see a few amazing sights along the way. Powering through Ontario, we began to notice the large quantity of various lakes parallel to the highway, each with their own name. It seemed like we passed a new lake every two minutes; we even passed by a small one named, Rae Lake. The scenery is a bit different in this area. The trees are bright and lush, there are giant earth-coloured rocks lining the side of the road and, on occasion, the views are reminiscent of a jungle, or as I like to think of it, Jurassic Park. We stopped in a few small towns for gas and, eventually, exhausted and excited rolled into Sudbury with no time to spare. We settled into the venue/accommodation with our gear and personal items whilst the hockey game was still blaring on a giant projector at the back of the stage and in what seemed like no time, we had set up and finished our set. We met some really nice folks, especially the other bands that we’re playing and people seemed to come out and stay late for the show. Everything shut down by around three in the morning. Now, this is the point where I would began to describe the accommodations but, I feel like they are quite indescribable. The easiest way to get the point across would be: there is an overabundance of genital drawings and numerous holes in every wall. Tonight will be… we’re very excited for Toronto.