Finally, we reached the short-drive-between-cities portion of the tour. Landing in Toronto was pretty rough after the exhausting late night that we had in Sudbury. It was pretty clear that the drive was almost over when we met the dense air and lines of cars that we had been warned about prior. Some time later, our car was pulling up to our accommodations to unload our personals before the show. We took a half hour rest before heading into the city. Though Vancouver is a similar large major city, Toronto seems far different. I mean, the traffic is definitely worse, I think, but, the streets seem ten times more squashed together. The shops are just crammed into small complexes and people leave their garbage on the sidewalk which I thought was peculiar. I’m not much of a big city buff so, I have some bias.
Anyways, driving to the venue with the streets littered with cyclists was a bit of a challenge, fat chance we would be able to get our gear inside. We ended up going out for dinner at a nice restaurant called, “Hogtown Vegan” and did as much exploring as we could before soundcheck. The sound at The Piston was surprisingly clear despite its size and, for our first time in a city with an overabundance of venues, the draw was pretty good. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a decent draw at each city we’ve visited thus far. The show ended at the usual two in the morning and we made our way back to our beds. Tomorrow will be our biggest bill yet with five bands, thank goodness that it will be an early show.