With 2015 looming ahead, we’re pleased to say that we are wrapping up a very successful year brimmed with a phenomenal run of shows, new experiences, and personal growth as a band as well as individuals. The response that we have received following our four month recovery break has been overwhelming. When we got back on stage at the Biltmore and unveiled our new material in July, we were bursting with energy, thrilled to be back and playing live again. Releasing fresh recordings with a packed out release show in August was also incredibly encouraging for us, and has propelled us towards new approaches of songwriting and experimenting that continue to inspire us. Thanks to the support of our friends, we were able to visit the island for a few shows, record a brilliantly shot live video and connect with a refreshing group of people and opportunities. Going into 2015, we feel confident in our abilities moving forward and welcoming new feats, and we would like to thank you for every bit of support as we grow.

Please, enjoy our last vlog of the year above, and have a great time ringing in the new year.