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Well, that’s it.

We genuinely cannot believe that 2015 is already over. It feels like the years are shortening and there is still so much left to do. The past few months have lent us time to hammer down on quite a bit of pressure-less writing and planning for the years to come including some huge news that we can’t wait to drop. We will be heading over to the island at the end of next month to work on some demos with the incomparable Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Yukon Blonde) and push even closer to our next release that is ready to burst out of our heads. It’s strange to remember that we began the year with our first little tour driving to Kelowna and back, only to be thrown into a massive adventure across Canada months later. We feel ourselves overwhelmed with luck, gratefulness and strength to have made it through some very trying circumstances and learning what living in a small grandma car for three weeks and driving for eleven hours for days on end does to your brain – not to mention what leaving chocolate in a hot vehicle does to your stomach. The experiences that we had on that tour and people we connected with will never be forgotten and it excites us to remember that we’ll be seeing those people again, hopefully sooner than later. I won’t go into too much detail about the year because you were obviously there to watch it unfold as it happened but, we’ll be throwing together a recap vlog in the next little while including some unseen clips from our multiple out of town trips and wacky antics on the road.

We can’t stress enough how unbelievably fortunate we feel to have loving family, friends and fans such as yourselves. Drawing back to the tour kick off we hosted with The Good In Everyone before the big trek across the country, it stirs my emotions remembering myself looking out onto an absolutely full and anticipated crowd at the Fox Cabaret following a five month show hiatus. Memories like that can keep us positive in the heaviest of times and we have you to thank for that.


Jeremiah, Alea, Patrick