photo cred: samuel chow

We had an amazing time performing at Khatsahlano for the first time! It was so exciting running around and seeing all our friends on different stages, though we’re sad that we weren’t able to catch all of them. Between running around frantically with our gear, stage-hopping and seeing friends and catching up, we were exhausted by the end, but it was a content exhaustion. I hope everyone that attended had a similarly thrilling experience!

Our next show is next Tuesday the 19th at the Biltmore with HIGHS and Smash Boom Pow – we’re looking forward to this one especially because we haven’t played with either band but we’ve seen them live and are excited to be sharing the stage with such talented acts. Hoping that playing on a Tuesday won’t be too deterring for people to come out!

Aside from our live shows, we’re in the midst of organizing our album for release – getting the masters back and the artwork together has been very rewarding after having spent so much time, money and energy on these pieces. We can’t wait to be on the other side of the release, and make it not just ours but everyone’s.

Thanks so much for staying with us,

Alea x