The past week has been thrilling and nerve-racking. We’re currently working on some very big plans for the rest of the year, spending lots of money and, as of Friday, listening to our record on vinyl. I myself am simply shocked by the positivity. We are co-releasing our vinyl through Kingfisher Bluez, and on Friday we were told that our first test pressing had arrived. OUR FIRST RECORD ON VINYL. Some of you may know that I’m very much a vinyl guy, so naturally I was very emotional. And amidst all of this, we were able to listen to it after hours at THE Neptoon Records.

Just before we arrived, we discovered that we would be listening to it in the presence of the owner, Rob, and “The Human Serviette”, Nardwaur himself. What are the chances?! All in all, they seemed to really appreciate our music and the vinyl sounded incomparable to any other form of our music that I have heard. I’m just gushing with joy at the prospect of receiving our records in a month. We can not wait to get them ourselves, let alone share them with you pals!