Hello everyone,

We’ve been playing a lot of shows lately, and it’s been a very exciting return after Alea’s vocal injury; we’re blown away by how much support is coming in from everyone. Thank you for reaching out to us with kind words and gestures, and even those that just listen, it means so much to us to know we’re doing something that inspires others.
We have two shows coming up in Victoria, and after that we’re going to spend the last of autumn and much of winter working on new material and recording some demos, experimenting, and continuing to grow and learn from each other. Keeping three people so close together both creatively and personally can be very challenging, but we’re hoping to emerge from our sessions feeling like we’re accomplishing something. Having a greater body of music for ourselves as well as listeners is going to be a wonderful but demanding task to take on, and we’re not sure what to expect. Hopefully you will be hearing nothing but good news from us as this year comes to a close. How are we already closing in on the end of October? It is a mystery to me.

Until later days,
Alea, Jeremiah, Patrick