CA 2017 ` Day 4

Today we said goodbye to Nate, Sarah and the most wonderful pup Bubba and drove to Saskatoon. The drive was largely uneventful aside from Google maps taking us on 20km of gravel-road highway. We arrived in Saskatoon and found the venue, a house venue, and admired the beautiful houses in the neighborhood. Last time we were in Saskatoon we only saw the more industrial area, but the house was near the river and the downtown core, it was a beautiful area and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the show. While the host and bands were nice and accommodating, we played to a small and completely indifferent audience. We left at 11pm feeling disheartened and I drove us straight to Regina to stay with a friend’s parents. Everyone fell asleep as I drove us across the prairies, and when we arrived I fell out of the van and we all loaded into the house. Jer and I shared a luxurious bed, and I was happy as heck to be going to sleep.