WC 2017 ` Day 9

In our case, there are only 4 times a year where we can celebrate a birthday on tour, when including our wonderful live member Victoria. Calgary just so happened to be my birthday, which lined up incredibly well, since Calgary is one of my favourite cities to play, and we were playing a Friday night with a stellar lineup.

The day started out low-key, as we decided to relax for a while at our friend Nate’s house (check out his band Ultrviolence), where we’re staying at. After some toast and cold pancakes, we went for a walk at the park with Nate’s lil’ cavapoo pupper. We saw a guy in a Cheerios shirt. It was lit.

We went for lunch at this neat restaurant downtown, where I partook in birthday sushi tacos, which made me feel quite at home. I was quite surprised when a small Reese’s birthday cake was brought out at the end, in which in traditional Patrick fashion, I untraditionally coughed out the flames. Can’t ever do things the normal way. I thought it was funny.

Afterwards, we took the scenic route back to Nate’s house to pick up our gear for the show, and he took us to Canadian icon Bret “The Hitman” Hart’s house, which almost made me tear up, since he’s the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. In 90’s wrestling, that is.

The show. Oh, what a show. I Am The Mountain took the stage first, and for all of the people that deny the existence of evolution, I point you to this band. When we played with them two years ago, they were a much more acoustic-based, indie folk group, who played very relaxing music. This time around, they took the stage with electric bluesy jazzy vibes, which went down smoother than an 24 year old aged whiskey. Very good vibes. We played next, and we played the hardest we’ve played all tour (note: most of the venues wouldn’t have been appropriate for playing a super hard set). For the first time on this tour, and in a long time, we were asked to do an encore. In typical Douse fashion, we played Hypertension. Gotta leave the audience miserable. Lastly, Fox That Slept The Day Away took the stage. Such good dudes, such good jams. Such good Gmaj7 chords. It was a good day, it was a good night, Calgary was a good time.



WC 2017 ` Day 8

We drove into Lethbridge with no idea what to expect – Attainable Records had shut down a couple weeks before we were arriving, but one of the co-owners, Connor, had assured us that he was going to make the show happen and find a different space for us. The address we were directed to was a Smokehouse, much to our disbelief. As we loaded in and settled down for dinner, I had yet another battle of trying to find something veg-friendly.

Though it was a small attendance, the crowd really enjoyed our set and we sold a lot of merch – it was nice to be met with people that cared about music and were happy to express that to us. We hope that the next time we hit Lethbridge we can set something up that isn’t a strain on the booker so we can get a great night happening for all of us. That being said, we’re super appreciative to Connor for holding his word and sticking it out despite having to close his venue. It takes a genuine love of what you’re doing to keep on trucking when something so discouraging happens to you. It’s been really great to meet the people in these smaller towns and see how much they want to create a music community in their town, and are pulling out all the stops to do it.

We drove 2 and a half hours from Lethbridge back to Calgary to stay with the wonderful Nate of Ultrviolence, and had some great van chats along the way. Until tomorrow,