It’s almost as if there’s nothing left to say about the tour having said so much in the individual blog posts. That being said, we would like to thank every single artist that helped make each show as successful as they were. Thank you to the kind and gracious people that housed on nights that we had no where to go and sometimes even fed us in the morning. And, last but not least, thank you to The Good In Everyone for working with and coming to us a year ago with the idea of a nation-wide tour; we wouldn’t have had this experience if you hadn’t asked us to join you.

Being on the road for days on end, driving in every kind of weather and having little to no privacy can truly make a person grateful for the simple things like a hard wood floor and a pillow or a deflated air mattress in a cold basement. I think that it is safe to say that we would not trade these ‘ experiences despite how grueling or frustrating some of them may have been. In a short three weeks – that felt like three months – we soaked in so much information that it’s difficult to know where to begin sometimes and we couldn’t be happier about it. We can’t wait to continue to learn, tour and reach out to new territories all over the world! The thought of hitting the road again is beyond exciting.

So, without further adieu, upon weeding through hours of footage, we’ve finally compiled a two-part vlog from our favorite moments of the tour of which you can watch above. Hope you enjoy it, we laughed quite a bit watching it back!


Jer, Patrick, Alea