We left our friend Nate’s in Calgary a little later than we should’ve perhaps. The last night was late for us. We slept in quite a bit for our last show of tour. Had a few bites said our sad goodbyes and headed for Edmonton. I did the whole drive. Stopped for a bit in a small town called, Innisdale? for the necessities – Subway and water. Also passed the sign for Drumheller and sighed that we didn’t have time to stop there. The hills in Alberta seemed drier and longer than I remember. Before we knew it though, we had arrived at our accommodations and loaded our personals in. Had a bit of dinner and sighed again that we didn’t have time to visit Edmonton Mall. OH WELL. The venue wasn’t far away and the parking was free as heck. It was nice to see our friends, We Were Friends, and meet the folks in Brunch Club and Trace Italian. The Bohemia was a tiny, cute venue that stretched into a hall. Before the show even started, we were on our way to selling out our merch. The room filled out very quickly as well. We feel so grateful for the turnouts that we seem to get in these cities that we’ve only played once. Not to take all the credit for that, the bands that played had a generous draw and we are thankful for that. The stage sound was surprisingly great for the type of room and small sound system they had. It was a pretty satisfying set. The crowd was very enthusiastic, Patrick even saw someone singing along to Importance. Brunch Club had a huge, driving sound and We Were Friends were even better than the last time we saw them. The sound was full and tight in the room and everyone was really into it. We have a lot of merch to make for the next tour. By the end of the evening, we felt very fulfilled with our tour and even shared a pitcher before loading out and driving back to our accommodation. Didn’t fail to eat a dish of guacamole and chips at 2AM while we shared a hard root beer. Thankful to have our own beds, it wasn’t long before we passed out. Our drive home day was bound to be a long one, especially with an afternoon live video shoot in Calgary.