Tonight was our first out of town show in almost two years and it was goooood. We all met up in the morning to catch the ferry and cram our tiny doggo van with all of our clunky gear. Some Tetris and a million booking emails later, we landing in Victoria. We drove straight to our accommodations to drop off some personals and send more emails/collect ourselves/try to fix our newly broken band cam. As the day leaned into the evening, we set out for dinner which so happened to be a cute diner below the venue. It was easy for us to recognize the owl despite the lack of signage because it was the only fully copper building I’d ever seen. What a great name. Our waiter at the diner was both witty and charming. The man who came and just sat at our table while Alea and Victoria weren’t there however was just strange. A rigid man sat down and asked us for money than offered us some lingerie in return for $50. This was all in the span of one minute. What an experience. You probably just had to be there. Anyways, we finished up, loaded in and set up. The owl is such a beautiful, clean venue, in other words, not what we expected of a venue. By the time 9:30PM rolled around, the place was filled. Couldn’t believe that it was the full for our first proper show on the island. Matt Dell from Croatia and Holy Smokes really deserve at up of the credit. Croatia made sure that this was a big show for them; first show with their new singer and first show in a while. Woah, did the lineup not disappoint, we feel very lucky to have connected with Matt Dell. He’s real swell. We can’t wait to return to The Copper Owl and meet even more good people.

At the end of the night, we loaded out and drove to our accommodations to catch zzz’s. Tomorrow is going to be a whole new adventure.