Played in Nanaimo yesterday afternoon and in the evening, I can’t remember the last time we played two shows in one day. Forget if that’s ever happened. In the afternoon, we played a record store called Fascinating Rhythm, which had such a variety of records and CDs (even saw some 8-track tapes in there). Great place to play, it was nice meeting The Odd Neighbourhood, who made me feel at home with their sound that so many young Vancouver bands also exude. Managed to pick up a copy of Pornography by The Cure on vinyl, which I’ve been looking for for a while. Jer picked up over $100 of records and video games, which you know, always good to support local businesses. So many live albums there, was strange to see but also nice. We later got some grub at Noodlebox which was delicious, and then made our way over to The Vault, this beautiful cafe which once again, made me feel at home with their hipster decor. Wasn’t feeling to good at that point, as I was super sleepy but also very full from the butter chicken and Nanaimo bar spring roll from earlier. After meeting the people that worked there and seeing Croatia/The Odd Neighbourhood again, all unpleasant feelings were made pleasant again. We had a very good reception from the audience, and the owner gave us some free drinks and a plate of freshly baked cookies (just like gram-gram used to make)! After a slight mishap with the vehicle involving a battery that bereft of life rested in piece, only for a lil bit though. Through the night, we made our way to Alea’s grandmother’s house….