Last night we drove straight from Nanaimo to Fanny Bay to stay with my grandmother. The thing about staying with my grandmother is: you are literally never hungry. She made us waffles, lasagne, meatballs, muffins, nanaimo bars, carrot cake, and a tofu loaf. We’re only here for a day and a half.

We spent the day wandering through the forest nearby the property – George Sawchuk has a huge installation of his artwork within the forest nearby, and I really enjoyed watching the other three explore the pieces. I used to go there a lot as a child, but didn’t realize how dark a lot of his quotes are. We had a nice nap afterwards and made our way to the Cornerstone in Courtenay.

A few minutes before we went on, a man approached us to ask what time we were playing, and proceeded to tell us that he and his friends had driven an hour to come see us play, and that they’d been following us for awhile after a friend recommending us. We were so blown away; we figured it was going to be a low key show and that nobody would know us, but here were these people that had gone very far out of their way to come see us play, and were so appreciative that we were there. This sort of thing is what makes me feel so good about tour – these people that are so genuinely connected to what we’re doing, and that we get to meet them and share this experience together.

Heading back to the mainland tomorrow – Vancouver Island has treated us so well, we’re so happy it’s gone so smoothly and people have been so generous!

Thanks for reading,