Whew. That island run was something else. Such a unique experience, I can’t even pinpoint as to why exactly, maybe it was the change of scenery and staying at people’s houses that we haven’t seen in years, or in some cases never met. The venues and crowds were definitely huge parts though. I truly wish we had some of those spaces in Vancouver​.


Leading up to this tour was nerve-racking to say the least, but we were quickly put at ease with the turnouts and support. It’s also been important to us that we give back to the places that support us by buying from their shops. That has reaped its own rewards.


Alea’s grandma sent us off this morning with a few good eighties shirts and a lot of food. She was sweet and I was so happy to meet her and her cute dog, Ginger. We spent our day off mostly catching up with our social lives and working on the next tour. So what was seeming like a short day became long with all the booking. Having a “break” has been odd and discomforting. I want to be on the road all the time.