Writing has commenced. I’m very excited with how it’s starting to sound; I’ve had a lot of pending ideas from the past year or so, and we’re finally getting a chance to flesh out some of Alea and Jer’s ideas as well. It’s progressing in a way that I feel is natural even if it’s challenging at times. We’re sort of taking some of the musical concepts explored on LP1, but pushing them outside the box and getting more experimental.

Alea and I were working on one of the songs tonight (in the meantime titled “Feb 27 Thing”, due to when the idea originated last year), and made a good dent into new territory with it. It’s moving in a direction that I very much enjoy, using Jer’s continuously interesting drum beats, Alea and I’s guitar back and forths, and a strong bass line in a relaxed, but groovy post punk trance. I’m already antsy to start showing it off and playing it at shows. I’ve written a new wavey chorus bass line for it, ala New Order/The Cure.

Another song we’ve been working on has a slower groove to it, but is definitely the creepiest song we’ve made so far. Makes Second Burst look like There Is Something I Will Return To, though this one won’t be an instrumental. I’ve been exploring moving outside of regular key structure, and more focusing on creating a chord progression that in itself, can create an atmosphere. Alea linked it to the Forest Temple music from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s been a bit of a running joke that our album sounds like Ocarina of Time’s OST. The guitar part Alea came up with for this song is really inspiring to me, since it uses melodies that I know I would have never guessed to use, due to my own musical evolutionary path and the area I take from when I write music. For bass, I’ve been working on this really deep, distorted line that in ways reminds me of Nine Inch Nails or Muse. Just a really dark, moody vibe seeping throughout the rhythms and melodies. It’s so weird, I feel it’d be a perfect LP2 opener. Just put the listener off, right off the bat. That’s gonna put some butts in the seats (10 points to whoever gets that reference).

Anyway, new music is in the works, shows TBA, it’s gonna be a good year to end of the LP1 album cycle. We’ve been posting little bits and pieces of our new material in the works in Instagram stories, so if you’re interested in hearing some ideas we’re working on, you can listen there. See you soon.