70 Press releases, 3 cities, 800 kilometres and 64 hours later: Tour is over. The last weekend of January was absolutely unbelievable. Starting in Chilliwack, we were greeted with overwhelming kindness and warmth by not only the venue staff at the Acoustic Emporium, but the audience and people around town. The show was more successful than we had expected, being we had never played in Chilliwack prior. The room was sufficiently filled with attentive locals and the opener, Michael Alleckna, played a beautiful set.

The first show left high standards for the days to come. Luckily, the Streaming Cafe deemed just as wonderful. They were thoroughly accommodating every step of the way and did not disappoint in bringing a full house to our first show in Kelowna. Even if the crowd had not been so substantial, we would have been just as happy playing for their massive online following as the show was live streamed on their website – for those of you who did not tune in, you can watch the recorded show here for free. The evening started with Windmills, who played a great set mixed with exceptional banter; we tried out a few new songs that we’ve been working on over the past few months and received a particularly encouraging response. When we woke up the next morning, we had found that the weather had not been too kind on our driving conditions, and we crept slowly out of Kelowna in the snow.

It was a long, steady trek to Abbotsford for our last stop, but we made it with enough time to take it easy for a while. Red Tape Productions helped put together our final show with Kin and Oh Village and we were exceedingly pleased with the turnout, yet again. It was our first time seeing both groups live and we were so glad that we chose to play with them; they proved to be everything spectacular that we had heard they were.

After a beautiful evening and an exhausting weekend we could not believe the turnout and positive energy of all three shows; thank you to everyone that came out. And, special thanks to Acoustic Emporium, Streaming Cafe and Red Tape Productions for being so accommodating and hosting the events! We can not wait to go on tour again; it was such a phenomenal experience for us.

Jer, Patrick, Alea